The Belsimtek company was established in 2011 using high innovative and scientific potential of professionals in the field of creation of aviation simulators, computer graphics and programming for its successful start. The company staff members are postgraduates in their specialist fields with extensive expertise and high experience in aviation.

The objective of the company’s activity is to create unique technology-intensive software product, which simulates a real aircraft maximally accurately within the DCS World game environment developed by the Eagle Dynamics.

About Our Product.

We create digital aircraft simulators, which allow a user of the DCS World virtual environment to study and employ to the full the given aircraft module feeling like the real pilot and even air fighter.

Starting from April, 2013, after the release of our first module DCS: UH-1H Huey, which at once proved itself to be a very high-quality product satisfying desires of virtual pilots, we continue working on new modules. At the same time, we constantly support and improve the modules already released.

In the course of development of our simulators, special attention is paid to the realistic flight dynamics, based on physical laws, operation of aircraft systems and capabilities of its armament. Professional team of testers, including both active and ex-pilots from various countries, allows us to create a really interesting and quality product for both connoisseurs and amateurs of aviation, and also for general audience.