Development F-5E Tiger II

Continuing working on the “famous” fighters’ line, we are especially concerned about game balance in DCS World. The best rival for the beloved by users MiG-21bis is an American fighter F-5E Tiger II, developed by the Northrop in the second half of the last century.

Consistently caring about the quality of the released product, which is reflected in the “similarity” between the developed module and the real airplane, our specialists, in their work, are trying to only use available documentary data of the original airplane.

Undoubtedly, a wide range of weapons from guided air-to-air missiles to various air-to-ground armament (unguided rockets, various bombs and cluster munitions) and two built-in 20-mm cannons will impress any fan of aviation battles. Professional flight model, implemented as close as possible to the real airplane in DCS World will allow aviation fans to enjoy flying the aircraft.

In the following updates, we are planning to inform our virtual pilots about development progress of this fighter for DCS World.