F-5E Tiger II development news

Read more about what is done at the moment concerning the development of the DCS: F-5E Tiger II:

  • The external model is almost fully implemented. You can choose some of the most famous colour skins;
DCS: F-5E Tiger II DCS: F-5E Tiger II DCS: F-5E Tiger II

  • The 3D model of the cockpit is fully implemented;
DCS: F-5E Tiger II DCS: F-5E Tiger II DCS-F-5E-cockpit-1.jpg

  • All the aircraft systems are accurately simulated in high detail;
  • The new engine compressor model is implemented based on accurate blade loads calculation. The new model provides simulation of the compressor guiding unit functioning and the expanded range of engine operation modes (high and low compressor stalls, compressor operating in windmill mode);
  • The radar, optical sight, jettison system, possibility of gun firing, launching of air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground rocket firing, flare and chaff ejection are implemented into the model of the aircraft’s weapon system. All the above-mentioned items are now operating properly;
DCS: F-5E Tiger II DCS: F-5E Tiger II
DCS: F-5E Tiger II DCS: F-5E Tiger II DCS: F-5E Tiger II

  • The flight model: operational range of altitude and speed, acceleration with various payloads and G loads (in sustained turns and at maximum angles-of-attack) are tuned basing on available information on the flight dynamics of the real aircraft; the model behavior at critical angles-of-attack (stalling) and post-stall behaviour (post-stall gyrations and spins) in general correspond to the descriptions in the real aircraft documents;
  • Flight manual in Russian for the game module is developed.

In order to present this module in the Early Access version, we are to complete the following items:

  • make proper adjustments of operation of certain aircraft systems (for example, to adjust pump capacity, hydraulic fluid mass-flow rates, electric grid loads, etc.);
  • translate the Flight manual into English for English-speaking users. We try to take into account all our mistakes made during the development of the previous modules. At this stage quality translation and localization of the game Manual for English-speaking users is the most significant problem;
  • develop the Quick Start manuals in Russian and in English based on the complete Flight manuals in both languages.