Two More Weeks Review of DCS: F-5E Tiger II


It is one of those “remarkably complete for an early access” cases with full manual, a still very detailed quick start manual, an enjoyable flight model (even if it will change with fixes later on) as well as some missions. DCS : F-5E by Belsimtek will not feature a freely included campaign, but a payware campaign is being worked on by Maple Flag Missions of A-10 training & qualification mission set fame.

As all Belsimtek modules have been so far, 3D modeling and texturing of both external and cockpit for F-5E are excellent. Currently there are mostly US and Turkey paints are available but I’m sure more will be added in time.

belsimtek_f-5e-tiger.jpgNow, if we get to flying the F-5E, aircraft is very docile. It doesn’t want to stall almost at all. Though, at high alpha maneuvers with low speed, it develops a noticable wing rock, at that point it is held afloat thanks to slats and maneuver can be continued but it won’t be very tight, and normally crisp responsiveness of F-5 will start to erode. Roll rate is very sharp almost in all conditions, and at higher speeds, F-5 can turn instantaneously very, very sharp and fast. Overall, flight model is very enjoyable, and “feels right”.

All in all, this is an excellent addition to DCS‘ stable of fighter jets, and 3rd generation, favorite jet fighter generation for many including myself, is getting a foothold now, with MiG-21Bis and F-5E in, and AJS-37 and Mirage F1 on the way, as well as late 2nd generaion jets like Mirage III which are close enough a match in most cases. With it’s early access kinks ironed out in time, F-5 will become even better, and frankly, considering most early access releases, it is already in pretty good shape. Belsimtek had in past, long updating times for modules, and most importantly a protrudingly long period of lack of an English language full manual for some of their modules. They seem to have got the memo, not only updates to modules are coming at an increased pace, F-5 already had it’s full English and pretty long Quick Start manuals released to public even before F-5E becoming available. This will be a great plane both as a strike fighter, and as a MiG-21 opponent.

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