DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight is going to be changed from “early access” to “release”

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We are glad to announce, that by the December 2016 we will be ready to change DCS: Mi-8MTV2Magnificent Eight status from “early access” to “release”!

Among the others fixes and additions in DCS: Mi-8MTV2, we added a possibility to use AI door and rear gunners (Door gunned with “KORD” 12.7 mm machine gun and rear gunner with PKT machine gun 7.62 mm), ability to play as door gunner. Sling-load operations gameplay was thoroughly upgraded and fixed. Pilot’s guide manual was dramatically reworked: systems principles and operations described in depth, all procedures from startup to weapon employment thoroughly illustrated. New campaign from 3rd party developer will be available soon after release state of module.

Development of DCS: Mi-8MTV2 was started in first quarter of 2013 by Belsimtek. For various reasons we couldn’t finish module development to “release” state (our internal quality control was the reason).

A lot of things were fixed and added since we released module to early access.

Here are the main changes which were made for this period:

  • Fixed and added helicopter systems, 32 additions in sum, diary of fixes for systems can be found in news about this module:
    RU –
    EN –
  • Destructive overload was fine-tuned (gear break possibility, tail rotor breakaway), gear friction, damage system from projectiles hits tuned, crew cabin armor implemented.
  • Cockpit sound was tuned and fixed according to real Mi-8 pilots feedback.
  • Sling-load gameplay upgraded: new loads were added ( 8 so far, more to come with updates) with their dynamics tuned, sling damage upon contact with helicopter implemented, crew chief sling-load operation voice commands added.
  • AI door and rear gunners added ( Door gunned with “KORD” 12.7 mm machine gun and rear gunner with PKT machine gun 7.62 mm), with ability to play as door gunner. Different predefined settings for combined TrackIR and mouse interactions for view and machine gun controls were added.
  • Gun Camera added.
  • Special options for module were changed, including addition of joystick without springs and FFB option.
  • Pilot’s guide was reworked, every procedure illustrated, systems descriptions added (including frequently asked questions on forums), typos and inaccuracies fixed (guide volume increased by 100%).

Before “Release” status our Mi-8 was highly praised by our users: and we expect, that huge work which was done by our team and volunteers, who love this helicopter, will give you more fun and joy while you playing DCS: Mi-8MTV2, and maybe will help somebody in real life!

Belsimtek team.


All screenshots

Main features of DCS: Mi-8MTV2:

  • High precision professional flight model for all altitude, temperature, speed and loadouts ranges
  • 6 DOF precise high fidelity cockpit
  • Cockpit is interactive and mouse clickable
  • Weapon system modeled with different loadouts
  • Different helicopter systems precisely modeled: electrical, fuel, hydraulics, anti-ice, anti-fire, radio and stability augmentation systems (AP-34B)
  • Authentic liveries
  • Tutorial missions and single player missions
  • Full and short manuals on Russian and English languages
  • Single player campaign from Belsimtek, DLC campaigns from 3rd parties

You can read about helicopter and its systems and weapons employment in our Pilot’s flight manual for free.