The second half of the 20th century. It is not only famous for its outstanding performance, but also its wide use in various armed conflicts. The successful use of the aircraft during the Korean War, where the Sabre got nicknamed the MiG Killer, made the aircraft a commercial success. The F-86 was supplied to more than 30 countries and was in operational service up to the early 1970’s. The F-86 won more than 900 victories in dogfights. No other jet-propelled aircraft has ever achieved that. In addition to its role as an air-to-air fighter, the Sabre was also used as a strike aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft, target aircraft, as well as a platform for testing systems and weapons. Its modifications are as follows: XF-86, YF-86A, F-86A, DF-86A, RF-86A, F-86B, F-86C, YF-86D, F-86D/L, F-86E, F-86E(M), QF-86E, F-86F, QF-86F, RF -86F, TF -86 F, YF-86H, F-86H, QF-86H. More than 9,800 Sabres were produced (of all the modifications). Follow-on updates and the perfecting of its armaments and avionics continued throughout the aircraft production period; for this reason, within the framework of one modification there are several various series. In this simulation we have modeled the F-86F modification of series 35, which is one of the latest series of the “F” modifications.